As a global leader in energy and sustainability, the UAE has always supported the global climate agenda. COP28 UAE is a milestone opportunity for the world to come together to focus on climate action and drive real change.

Our expert ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) comms team can support your business or brand and help you communicate your ESG strategy to the people who really need to hear it. Our strategies are driven by data and insights, and can be executed through any channel, from creative brand campaigns on digital and social through to PR and on-the-ground activations.

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    A regional, integrated marketing agency, headquartered in the UAE, with a global reach and an award-winning, proven track record.

    We are a fearless group of thinkers, focused on ideas, impact and integrity.

    Our marketing strategies aren’t bound by channel or discipline. They are fueled by our imagination, driven by data, knowledge and limitless creativity.

    Our team is a perfectly imperfect melting pot of curious minds, looking to do brave, bold and meaningful work. We are strategic. We are agile. And if you work with us, we are always looking to blow your mind, one result at a time.

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      With a growing interest in sustainable fashion amongst consumers in the GCC - a market which is still navigating this landscape, we knew that taking over the page would come with its challenges.

      With a brand that has sustainability at its core, it was clear to us that this message needed to be across all its communications. A one-off campaign or activation wasn't going to do the job, this core value should come through in every touchpoint, be it from their brand message, PR coverage, social content, influencer collabs (70 seedings) and community management.

      Over the last 6 months, we've helped to differentiate the brand within the competitive GCC markets. We achieved this through social campaigns that showcase natural earth elements, always-on content that educates people on the materials and local manufacturing, and securing press coverage that underlines the brand DNA and its core values. By doing this, we’ve been able to recruit the right earth-conscious audience to communicate its sustainability message to, and invite more people join the Tribe.

    • Position UICCA as the go-to accelerator on the path towards COP28 (short-term) and Net Zero 2050 (long-term)

      We need to communicate who are the UICCA and what do they do? A big challenge…


      Climate change is such a huge topic, and with COP28 being held in the UAE, the spotlight – and conversation – is bigger than ever. We needed people to know who we are and explain why climate action is so important. To date, we’ve leveraged speaking opportunities on global stages to reinforce credibility, shared creative and emotional content around relevant topical days to be part of conversations that matter, and given our platform to support the youth and innovators that are working towards climate solutions.


      By curating and rolling out a distinctive visual look, tapping into trending conversations and showcasing the people behind the UICCA, we’ve increased reach, visibility and engagements – the journey to Net Zero is on.


      An interesting, complex and thought-provoking brief, we were appointed by the Global Petrochemical Association (GPCA) to tackle perceptions around plastic.


      Mainstream media is awash with negative images and misconceptions about plastics, so we needed to balance out the conversation and highlight the positive use cases of plastic (whilst not ignoring the negative ones) and educate people on the importance of recycling and circular economy.


      13.5 million video views for our positive plastic stories and the start of a big step in readdressing sentiment around plastic


      Excite, engage and inspire 2000 + industry professionals including HRH Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and HRH Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Salman, Saudi Arabia's Minister of Energy, with an opening curtain raiser film that brings to life the forums theme of ‘Chemistry In Action. Shaping a Sustainable Future’.


      At the heart of our creative was the idea that Chemistry is literally the science of change. In many ways, chemistry itself is a mirror for how the chemical industry has reacted to a world defined by rapid and unprecedented change.

      We used this to build a script full of thought-provoking information, energy, suspense and build a sense of urgency.


      To accommodate the 12k screen size and 10 different interconnected screens that this would be shown on, we used CGI software to create our own chemical explosions and coupled this with stock footage, motion graphics and an inspiring voice over to create a sensational curtain raiser of 6 minutes.

    • Challenge

      Working with the Dubai Future Foundation, we were tasked with highlighting the FIRST Global Challenge in Dubai through various social & digital channels.

      Teams gathered at the Festival City Arena to compete under this theme in the game titled “Ocean Opportunities,” learning about real-world challenges related to cleaning up the world’s oceans, and what actions they can take to help make a change.

      Ahead of the event, we created all social media channels from scratch to ensure the platforms were in place to shout about this magnificent competition that brought teams from 191 different countries around the world to Dubai to compete. The paid media team supported on driving mass awareness & registrations as it was a ticketed event.

      From greeting the teams as they arrived in to DXB airport and the opening ceremony at La Perle to the competition itself, we had teams on ground capturing the fantastic content.

      The team consisted of 20+ people on ground to capture Instagram story content as well as 10+ videographers, photographers and editors doing the same across the full week of the competition resulting in 800+ Instagram stories and wrap videos for each day of the event, culminating in a final wrap video of the entire event.

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